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BIT 2–2012

Microform: High-Performance Scanner XINOscan S700


Unique Paper Transport

State-of-the-art document capturing implements more than just transforming originals to images and to archive them. Beside speed and safety during processing, mainly one topic is essential: Quality – starting from the user-friendly hardware, via sophisticated software that eases the further processing of the data, to ergonomic workstations. For Microform, situated in Waiblingen / Germany, this was the criterion for the development of their High-Performance Document Scanners XINOscan S700.


XINOscan S700 combines the highest range of productivity and efficient performance with ergonomic design, robust construction, and easy operation.

It is important to stress that the system can be utilized universally, for originals of different quality and condition. XINOscan S700 can process nearly any kind of document, and the reason for  this high degree of flexibility and economic efficiency is the paper transport of the system.

In the capturing range, like in all other ranges, nowadays the adhering costs are of essential importance. Measures for cost reduction must, however, be judged carefully. Devices that are just fast may not necessarily deliver the desired results.

It is more important to prevent faults or errors during document scanning. These may be "mechanical" faults like badly processed papers, or errors at operation or input. Such errors may cause high efforts for correction. Besides the costs, additional problems may arise if the documents reach their target late, or not at all.


Disturbances in the paper flow can strongly impede the throughput and must preferably be avoided. Therefore, documents are guided inside XINOscan S700 by a combination of rollers and balls. The balls – every single one is flexibly born – adopt themselves to the structure of the individual document surfaces. If the document includes additional information – like a glued photo, a PostIt or a thick label – the balls will give way in this area, and serve an even guidance. Even paper sheets that are more than 2mm thick are transported without problems.

Different from other scanners, the originals are not only guided in the middle of the original by one or two pairs of rollers. In XINOscan S700, the contact is kept across the whole width. This raises the processing safety, mainly for originals that are uneven, bent, or folded. Furthermore, the originals are rotated on a smooth, long way, with the least possible stress to the paper.


Paper Output to the Rear Side

XINOscan S700 puts a careful and most possible trouble free transport of the originals into focus. This becomes obvious also by the size of the system. As a specific feature, the system not only offers the normal output bin on the front side, but also adds a rear-side paper output if required. This rear-side paper output makes it possible to completely avoid the paper rotation.

The rear-side paper output also serves as sorter bin. During scanning, the scanner can sort out patch sheets, or complete documents that are placed between patch sheets, without interrupting the transport. This saves a lot of effort, and lowers the cost for handling the originals. Manual sorting out becomes void, and patch sheets can easily be reused. Ergonomics and operating comfort – and in consequence the contentment of the operating personnel, also an important factor for productivity. XINOscan S700 is optionally height-adjustable, motorized, up to a standing work place. The comfortable control panel is designed as a color touch screen that replaces the former usable keys and just small LCD display. The entire control of the machine is done here. It includes profile administration, mechanical control, and error handling. The communication between operator and machine is done by clear, easily understandable symbols, text and images. The desktop can simply be customized and modified. Such user profiles can be saved and be stored in a usual USB memory stick. The user just has to insert the USB stick into the scanner shortly for login, and can select the suitable configuration. This specific operating concept allows the scanner to cope with even extraordinary conditions to a work station, like they are demanded for example in a workshop for handicapped people. For a physically disabled operator, the touch screen terminal was moved to outside. The processing of originals can be done on XINOscan S700 exclusively via the control panel, without requiring user entries in the capture program via keyboard or PC mouse. This became possible by the scan software XINOcapture that was developed by Microform's partner Janich & Klass specifically for XINOscan S700. For all components of XINOscan S700, great importance was attached to a long life of the system. The installed materials fulfill the highest demands for load. Thanks to nearly tear-free materials, the running costs are low. The efficiency of the system becomes obvious by its long life of service. XINOscan S700 is available in three speed versions, from 130 ppm via 160 ppm up to 200 ppm. The operator can, as far as the speed version allows, switch down to lower to speed. Depending on the kind of originals, for example when damaged paper shall be scanned, a slower processing may be advantageous. The scanner offers a lowest transportation speed of 100 ppm for carefully handling extremely sensitive papers.


The combination of rollers and balls serves for secure processing and high degree of usability. The balls adopt themselves flexibly to the actual demand. Beside the usual output bin at the front side of the system, XINOscan also offers a paper output at the rear side that can be added as an option.


XINOscan can sort out patch sheets during scanning, without interrupting the transport. This saves enormous efforts at originals handling.


The XINOscan is optionally height-adjustable, motorized, up to a standing work place.


For the workstation of a physically disabled operator, the touch screen terminal was mounted outside.




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